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GroupServe develops and provides Internet groupware communications technologies for businesses and consumers. The services are also wireless accessible. GroupPort is a high-tech portal allowing groups of professionals to communicate with each other, share files, check calendars and more while on the road, even using wireless technologies. GroupVine is the consumer application of GroupPort. The service has been suspended in favor of the B2B GroupPORT service.
FranData FranData FranData
TrueBallot designs and runs elections and referenda for organized labor and associations. The website showcases TrueBallot's four primary balloting systems. ClipperNet is an interactive website used by the alumni of Oxon Hill Senior High, Oxon Hill MD. The site provides info regarding reunion events for the Class of 1970 Clippers. FRANDATA is the largest nation's leading resource for franchise information. FRANDATA's expertise is relied upon daily by a global client base of over 2,500 companies and individuals
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A personal website used as a "live" resume for the CEO of the Wireless Application Protocol Forum Ltd., a prominent telecommunications association. QuoteWorks software by Inperspec simplifies the quoting process with templates for preparing customized proposals. It keeps accurate records and generates reports for job tracking. ForceNine provides financial services to firms in the communications industry. ForceNine specializes in raising capital and early-stage venture funding for early stage firms.
Scott Goldman
Commonwealth Design go2 systems Website under construction for The WordExchange, a word processing and administrative support service.
Scott Goldman Scott Goldman Scott Goldman
A personal website for all the Jim Wilsons of the world. Personal website. Website under construction for WaterWorksOffice, a utilities software solution.

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