Handheld wireless browser screen prototype created in PhotoShop.
Above - Interactive web graphic built from bezier curves, stylized in PhotoShop and rollovers created in ImageReady.
Digital illustration. Clipper ship built entirely from Bezier curves, then stylized in PhotoShop. Border created with bezier curves and inlaid with polished stones created in Painter and set in a frame of gold chrome. Full cover and details.
Detail of dust jacket about early cable tv engineering pioneers entitled "History Between Their Ears"
Pocket folder cover illustration.
Technical flow diagram
technical drawing
data graph
organiztion chart
Early mobile phone traced and built entirely with bezier curves in CorelDraw. This is not an auto trace. All vector image.
The street map to the left was scanned flat and converted into a dimensional image with depth of field and focus.
This specialized SMR phone protoype was created entirely with bezier curves in CorelDraw.

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