Product specification sheet for GroupPORT web portal. 2 product specification sheets for Dash high speed Internet provider. The left piece was targeted at businesses and the right was marketed at the consumer level.
4 page brochure for The Wireless Applications Forum.
Pocket folder and 4 page brochure for an Internet startup firm.
Pocket folder and 4 page brochure for a leading tower construction firm.
Cover and inside spread from 12 page brochure for The Strategis Group. 9"x12"
Cover and inside spread from 12 page brochure for Environmental Data Resources. Cover is slightly larger and contains inside pockets for holding literature. Direct mail piece.
11"x8.5" 4 page brochure for EDR. Cover weight used to meet strict USPS mailing criteria.
Cover of a 16 page booklet.
Software packaging for a TrueBallot, a revolutionary election/balloting system.
Pocket folder 9"x12" Product spec sheet. 2 sides. Conference announcement.
4 pages.
4 page oversized newsletter.
Postcard for GroupPORT to announce the launch of the service. 3 different cards were targeted to specific market segments.
Dust jacket for a book on the historical recollections of the pioneers of cable television: History Between Their Ears.
3-ring binder report cover for a leading environmental information firm. The report was marketed with a matching full color, 4 page brochure.

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